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Logeion - Online Latin Dictionary

Medieval Latin Lexicon (1976) : Niermeyer :

Medieval Latin - Wikipedia

Carolus Du Fresne DU CANGE (1688). Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infirmae graecitatis. Tomus Primus. J. Posuel et C. Rigaud.

Charles du Fresne sieur Du-Cange (1688). Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae graecitatis etc. Tomus Secundus. Anissonii.

Carolus du Fresne Du Cange (Sieur) (1681). Glossarium ad Scriptores mediae & infimae latinitatis: cum dissertatione de imperatorum Constantinopolitanorum, seu de inferioris. Tomus III. impensis Johannis Davidis Zunneri. pp. 48–.

Frank Anthony Carl Mantello; A. G. Rigg (1996). Medieval Latin: An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide. CUA Press. pp. 1–. ISBN 978-0-8132-0842-8.

Keith Sidwell (1995). Reading Medieval Latin. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0-521-44747-8.

Frank Anthony Carl Mantello; A. G. Rigg (1996). Medieval Latin: An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide. CUA Press.  . ISBN 978-0-8132-0842-8.

K. P. Harrington (1997). Medieval Latin: Second Edition. University of Chicago Press. ISBN 978-0-226-31713-7.

W.-H. Maigne d'Arnis (1858). Lexicon manuale ad scriptores mediae et infime latinitatis. J.-P. Migne.

Charles Schmidt (1906). Petit supplément au dictionnaire de Du Cange. J. H. E. Heitz (Heitz & Mündel)

Lexilogos [English]
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Lexilogos [Français] 
Lexilogos Link
Dictionnaire français Link
Dictionnaire normand Link

Dictionnaire du Moyen Français

Le Trésor de la Langue Française Informatisé - ATILF

The Anglo-Norman Dictionary

Robert Kelham (1843). A Dictionary, of the Norman Or Old French Language: Collected from Such Acts of Parliament, Parliament Rolls, Journals, Acts of State, Records, Law Books, Antient Historians, and Manuscripts, as Relate to this Nation ... T. & J. W. Johnson. pp. 70–.
A dictionary of the Norman or Old French language

Dictionnaire picard

Lexique d’ancien français (University of Calgary)
The on-line version of Altfranzösisches Wörterbuch, by Tobler, Adolf and Erhard Lommatzsch,1915.

MicMap - DicFro: French, English and Latin dictionaries
Essai de grammaire de l'ancien français (IXe-XIVe siècles)


International Medieval Bibliography (Brepols)
Bibliographie de Civilisation Médiévale

James E. Bradley; Richard Alfred Muller (1995). The Church History: An Ointroduction to Research, Reference Works, and Methods. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing. pp. 1–. ISBN 978-0-8028-0826-4.

Ronald H. Fritze; Brian E. Coutts; Louis Andrew Vyhnanek (2004). 
Reference Sources in History: An Introductory Guide. ABC-CLIO. ISBN 978-0-87436-883-3.

Iter- Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Michel Balard; Société des historiens médiévistes de l'enseignement supérieur public (1 January 1992). Bibliographie de l'histoire médiévale en France (1965-1990). Publications de la Sorbonne. pp. 1–. ISBN 978-2-85944-214-9
JStor Journal Advanced Search Link

Medium Aevum Archive Link

Journal of Medieval History


Bibliothèque de l'École des chartes
official website
Persée access to back issues 1961-2000
Gallica access to back issues from 1839-1936


Michael J. Marcuse (1990). Reference Guide for English Studies. University of California Press. pp. 310–. ISBN 978-0-520-07992-2.

Revue Historique

Analecta Bollandia
Analecta Bollandiana 

Analecta Bollandiana archives

Analecta Bollandiana (1882–)| ISSN: 00032468

1, 1882 [HT] [IA]2, 1883 [HT] [IA]
3, 1884 [HT] [IA]4, 1885 [HT] [IA]
5, 1886 [HT] [IA]6, 1887 [HT] [IA]
7, 1888 [HT] [IA]8, 1889 [HT] [IA]
9, 1890 [HT] [IA]10, 1891 [HT] [IA: ex. 1, ex. 2]
11, 1892 [HT] [IA]12, 1893 [HT] [IA]
13, 1894 [HT] [IA]14, 1895 [HT] [IA]
15, 1896 [HT] [IA]16, 1897 [HT] [IA]
17, 1898 [HT] [IA]18, 1899 [HT] [IA]
19, 1900 [HT] [IA]20, 1901 [HT] [IA]
21, 1902 [HT] [IA]22, 1903 [HT] [IA]
23, 1904 [HT] [IA]24, 1905 [HT] [IA]
25, 1906 [HT] [IA]26, 1907 [HT] [IA]
27, 1908 [HT] [IA]28, 1909 [HT]
29, 1910 [HT]30, 1911 [HT]
31, 1912 [HT]32, 1913 [HT]
33, 1914 [HT]34-35, 1915-1916 [HT]
36-37, 1917-1919 [HT]38, 1920 [HT]
39, 1921 [HT]40, 1922 [HT]


Cahiers de Civilisation MédiévaleCahiers de civilisation médiévale - Index savant

American Historical Review
American Historical Review - Current Issues

Back Issues at Internet Archive

English Historical Review
Back Issues at Internet Archive

The Medieval Journal

Collection de la bibliothèque de l’École des Hautes Études
EPHE – Section des sciences religieuses (ve Section)
Archives de littérature du Moyen Âge (ARLIMA)
Saint Thomas de Canterbury | De sancto Thoma Cantuariensi

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