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Bishops at the time of Becket

The names of the bishops as recorded on the Chirograph as present at the time of the compilation of the Constitutions of Clarendon
Thomas archbishop of Canterbury, Roger archbishop of York, Gilbert bishop of London, Henry bishop of Winchester, Nigel bishop of Ely, William bishop of Norwich, Robert bishop of Lincoln, Hilary bishop of Chichester, Jocelin bishop of Salisbury, Richard bishop of Chester, Bartholomew bishop of Exeter, Robert bishop of Hereford, David bishop of S. David's, and Roger bishop of Worcester.
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[Not involved in Becket Controversy]


Latin names of the bishops present when Becket was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury

Henricus Wintoniensis
Nigellus Heliensis
Robertus Bathoniensis
Jocelinus Saresberiensis
Willelmus Norwicensis
Hylarius Cicestrensis
Ricardus Cestrensis
Bartholomaeus Exoniensis
Robertus Lincolniensis
Walterus Roffensis
Nicholaus Landavensis
David Menevensis
Godefridus Lanelvensis
Gilebertus Herefordensis
Bartholemew Iscanus

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