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From Fréteval Jul 22nd to Becket setting sail for England Nov 30th 1170

From the Reconciliation with Henry at Fréteval 22nd July 1170 to Becket setting sail for England on November 30th 1170.


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Chapters of the Fifth Volume
1. Reconciliation between the king and the Archbishop.
2. The Archbishop sends envoys to the king. Reasons.
3. The Archbishop's first meeting with the king after the reconciliation.
4. The Archbishop's second meeting with the king after the reconciliation.
5. Preparation for the return to our country; our activity in
England through envoys before the return; the news which we
received at the very point of our departure; the words of
the disciple who wrote these things to the Archbishop; the
Archbishop's answer.

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Herbert of Bosham
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Herbertus_de_Boseham_cps2, Vita S. Thomae, 3e
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Herbertus_de_Boseham_cps2, Vita S. Thomae, 5d, p0

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