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Translation of the Relics of St.Thomas Becket 7th July 1220


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Translation, Canonization, and the Cult of the Saints in England, 1160 - 1220
Elizabeth Hasseler (2014)
Thesis - University of North Carolina
Preaching, Martyrdom and Penitence at the Translation Ceremony of 1220 p. 43-

Reconstructing and Interpreting a Thirteenth-Century Office for the Translation of Thomas Becket
Sherry L. Reames
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Tractatus de translatione Beati Thomae

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Langton, Stephen (c.1150–1228), archbishop of Canterbury
Oxford Biography Index Number 101016044

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Vita sancti Thomae [270 elegi] manoscritti

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Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum
Volume 3
Col 445-51


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