Thursday, 16 June 2016

Equivalence of Rank - Secular Postions with Ecclesiastical Ones

Gilbert, bishop of Limerick, around 1139  produced a document about hierarchy in the Western Church on the equivalence in the hierarchical rank of ecclesiastical posts relative to secular ones.

As far as I know this document had no official status in its time.

Patrologia Latina Tome 159: Cols 997-1004
De Statu Ecclesiae

Rosamond McKitterick (1995). The New Cambridge Medieval History: pts. 1-2. c. 1024-c. 1198. Footnote 2: Cambridge University Press. pp. 368–. ISBN 978-0-521-41410-4..

Coniungitur autem imperator papae, rex primati, dux archipontifici, comes episcopo,
miles sacerdoti, quia istae personae pares illis saecularibus iure decernuntur.

Joined with the Emperor is the pope, the King with the primate, the Duke with the archbishop,
The Earl/Count with a bishop, The knight with a priest, because it is decreed that these parsons are equal to those secular law voted.

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