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The Quadrilogus

The Quadrilogus (Historia Quadripartita) [Le Quadrilogue] is a composite narrative comprising the writings of four biographers of Becket.

There are two Quadrilogi

Quadrilogus I (Earlier in 1495)
Thomas [Becket] Cantuariensis (1118-1170)
Vita et Processus sancti Thomae Cantuariensis martyris super libertate ecclesiastica.
Paris: Johann Philippi, 1495.
[Philippi, Jean, de Cruzenach (fl.1494-1512), ed.imp.lib]
Digital copy at:
la colección digital de Fondo Antiguo de la Universitat de València, Spain.

Quadrilogus II (Later in 1682)
Christianus Lupus (O.E.S.A); Thomas Becket; Alexander paus III (paus); Louis VII (koning van Frankrijk), Henry (koning van Engeland) (1682). Epistolae et vita Divi Thomae Martyris et Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, nec non epistolae Alexandri III. Pontificis, Galliae Regis Ludovici Septimi, Angliae Regis Henrici II. aliarumque plurium sublimium ex utroque foro personarum .... typis Eug. Henrici Fricx. pp. 4–.

This Quadrilogus or Life of St Thomas was compiled at the command of pope Gregory XI out of four original lives of this saint brought into one; viz. by Herbert the martyr's clerk, William of Canterbury, Alan Abbot of Tewkesbury and John of Salisbury. This Quadrilogus or Quadripartite was printed at Brussels under the care of Lupus [Christian de Wolf] with a large collection of St Thomas' epistles in 1682.

Further References

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Chapter XV
The Lyell Version of the Quadrilogus Life of St. Thomas of Canterbury

Parker Library Ms 446, Corpus Christi College Library, Cambridge University
Title: Elias of Evesham OSB, Quadrilogus de uita Sancti Thomae Cantuariensis 
Thomas Saga based on Quadrilogus

Thomas saga erkibyskups Carl Richard Unger  (1869)  -

Middle English Translation (?)
The following is said to be a loose Middle English translation of the Quadrilogus by Elias of Evesham

The Early South-English Legendary, Or, Lives of Saints
by Carl Horstmann , Bodleian Library

Another Composite Work or Cento: Thomas de Froidmont

A much later life of Becket was written by another Cistercian monk, Thomas of Froidmont.. Appears in Anecdota Bedæ, Lanfranci, et aliorum, ed. J. A. Giles (London: Caxton Society, 1844)

To be found as:-
J.A. Giles, ed. (1851). Anecdota Bedæ, Lanfranci, et aliorum. 46: Philippo Leodiensi - Vita Sancti Thomae: D. Nutt. pp. 207–.

van der Straeten Joseph. Paul Gerhard Schmidt, éd. trad. — Thomas von Froidmont : Die Vita des Heiligen Thomas Becket, Erzbischof von Canterbury, 1991, Cahiers de civilisation médiévale, 1993, vol. 36, n° 143, p. 326.

Thomas von Froidmont: Die Vita des Heiligen Thomas Becket, Erzbischof von Canterbury by Paul Gerhard Schmidt
Anne J. Duggan
The English Historical Review
Vol. 110, No. 437 (Jun., 1995), p. 697
Thomas de Froidmont [Thomas of Beverley] and German translation:-
Paul Gerhard Schmidt (1989). Thomas von Froidmont. F. Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden. ISBN 978-3-515-05465-2.

Saint Thomas Becket
Ses Historiens, Son Culte Sa Naissance, Son Passage, Ses Parents Dans Le Beauvaisis

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