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William of Canterbury


William of Canterbury - Wikipedia

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Materials for the history of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury ... : James Craigie Robertson, William, of Canterbury...
Materials for the History of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury Volume I
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E(lias) of Evesham, Quadrilogus de uita sancti Thome Cantuariensis (BHL 8194–95)
Cotton MS Nero A V, ff 83–118 : Mid 13th century

E(lias) of Evesham, Quadrilogus de uita sancti Thome Cantuariensis (BHL 8194, 8198)

Cotton MS Faustina B VIII, ff 54–121 : 1st half of the 14th century-Mid 14th century

"VITA beati Thomæ arehiepiscopi et martiris": the Quadrilogus, or compilation by E[lias?] of Evesham, from the four Lives by John of Salisbury, Herbert of Boseham, William of Canterbury, and Alan, Abbot of Tewkesbury. The prologue begins "Post summi

Stowe MS 52 : 13th century

" VITA et Passio Sancti Thome Canthuariensis Arehiepiscopi ;" compiled apparently from the Lives by Edward Grim (of whose work the earlier part is an epitome), Herbert of Bosham, and William of Canterbury, but not agreeing with the Quadrilogus. A collection of miracles is added, imperfect at the end, f.1 ;-Fragment of a Life of S. Francis, Confessor; imperfect at the beginning. It appears to be founded upon the Life by Bonaventura, f. 17. On vellum, xiiith cent. ; formerly belonging to the monastery of S. Remaclus, of Stablo. Folio. [16,607.]

Add MS 16607 : 13th century

Marie de France, Lais ( Lanval ) (1r–8v: Dean 176); Le Livere de Reis de Brittanie , to King Richard I of England (1189–99) (8v–18r: Dean 13); Carmen de excidio Troie (18r–v: Walther 13895, imperfect); Marie de France, Fables (19r–32v: Dean 179, imperfect); E(lias) of Evesham, Quadrilogus de uita sancti Thome Cantuariensis (33r–92r: BHL 8198, 8194–97); royal constitutions (92r–v: BHL 8246); letters of Pope Alexander III (1159–81) concerning Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury (1162–70) (92v–94r); Translatio sancti Thome martyris (94r–95r: BHL 8228); Beneit of St Albans, La Vie de Thomas Becket (95v–113r: Dean 509); lists of the archbishops of Canterbury, archbishops of York and bishops of Durham (113r)

Cotton MS Vespasian B XIV : 4th quarter of the 13th century

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