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Writ of Henry II announcing his reconciliation with Becket, 15th October 1170

David Charles Douglas; George William Greenaway (1996). English Historical Documents, 1042-1189. Psychology Press. p. 888. ISBN 978-0-415-14367-7.
EHD #147. Writ of Henry II announcing his reconciliation with the archbishop
15th October 1170

This writ addressed to Henry, the young king, who was acting as regent for his father in England, is an official notification of the agreement made at Fréteval. It is attested by one of the legates appointed by the pope to bring about the settlement.

In this document Henry directs his son to arrange for the restoration of the Honour of Saltwood to Becket.

Roger of Wendover. Flores Historiarum. Cambridge University Press. pp. 79-80. ISBN 978-1-108-05232-0.

De concordia facta inter regem Henricum et beatum Thomam, Cantuariensem archi episcopum.

Henricus Rex Angliae Regi filio suo salutem.

Sciatis quod Thomas Cantuariensis Archiepiscopus pacem mecum fecit ad voluntatem meam. Et ideo praecipio quod ipse et omnes sui pacem meam habeant; et faciatis habere ipsi et omnibus suis qui pro eo exierunt ab Anglia res suas sicut habuerunt tribus mensibus antequam Archiepiscopus exiret ab Anglia ; et faciatis venire coram vobis de melioribus et antiquioribus militibus de Honore de Saltwde et eorum. Sacramento facias recognosci quid ibi habetur de feudo Archiepiscopatus Cantuariensis et quod recognitum fuerit de feodo eius esse, ipsi archiepiscopo habere faciatis.

Teste Rotrodo Rothomagensi archiepiscopo apud Chinum

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Henry, king of England, to his son, Henry the king, greeting.

This is to inform you that Thomas archbishop of Canterbury has made peace with me, to my satisfaction. I therefore command that he and all his adherents shall be unmolested: and that you cause all their goods to be restored to him, as well as to all his clerks and others who left England on his behalf, as they held them three months before the archbishop left England. You will also summon before you some of the best and oldest knights of the honour of Saltwood, and ascertain by their oaths what property is there held of the see of Canterbury, and whatsoever is found to be so shall be held by that tenure.

Witness: Rotrou, archbishop of Rouen.  At Chinon.


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