Sunday, 18 January 2015

William, Archbishop of Sens

AKA Guillaume de Blois , Guillaume aux Blanches Mains, William of the White Hands, or Guillaume de Champagne.

Bishop of Chartres, 1165
Archbishop of Sens, 1169
Archbishop of Reims, 1175
Cardinal: Created cardinal bishop of Albano March 1179

First Minister of State of France. Peer of the French Realm
William of the White Hands was one of Becket's most faithful admirers. Rumours spread that William was to return invested in full legatine powers—William was not only Becket's friend, but also the head of the French hierarchy.

Guillaume aux Blanches Mains (1168–1176), son of Thibaud II, Count of Champagne, uncle of king Philip Augustus and first cousin of Henry II of France, who in 1172 in the name of Pope Alexander III placed the Kingdom of England under an interdict and in 1176 became Archbishop of Reims

François Du Chesne (1660). Histoire de tous les cardinaux françois de naissance  Guillaume de Champagne. pp. 165–.

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