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Becket Images

A selection of images illustrating the story of Becket and his dispute with king Henry II.

1. The Becket Leaves (c.1220-1240) - British Library Loan MS 88

Janet Backhouse; Christopher De Hamel (January 1988). The Becket Leaves. British Library. ISBN 978-0-7123-0141-1.
The Becket Leaves  
Becket Leaves - Archived

2. Images by Joseph Strutt

 Joseph Strutt; James Robinson Planché (1842). The regal and ecclesiastical Antiquities of England; containing the representations of all the English monarchs, from Edward the Confessor to Henry VIII; and of many persons that were eminent under their several reigns.

Strutt, Joseph; Planché, James R.
The regal and ecclesiastical antiquities of England: containing the representations of all the English monarchs, from Edward the Confessor to Henry the Eighth
London, 1842


Plate IX, The Murder of Thomas Becket.
British Library MS Cotton Julius A.XL

Plate VIII. Henry the Second and Thomas Becket
From British Library Cotton MS Claudius D.2.

3. Mosaic Monreale Cathedral, Sicily

4. Queen Mary Psalter, British Library MS Royal 2 B VII

The Life of Thomas Becket

5. Boss in Exeter Cathedral

6. British Library MS Harley 5102

7. BL Cotton MS Claudius B II

Martyrdom of Thomas Becket - The British Library

9.  British Library Harley 5312 f.28v

Book of Hours Harley 5312 f. 28v

10. British Library  Harley 1251, f.48

Harley 1251 f.48 - Book of Hours

11. British Library Add MS 42130 f.51r - Luttrell Psalter  

File-Psalm 26 (27); Thomas Becket - Luttrell Psalter (c.1325-1335), f.51 - BL Add MS 42130.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Luttrell Psalter

12. British Library MS Stowe 12 f. 27v   

MS Stowe 12 f. 27v

13. Others

On 29 December 1170, the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas
Becket, was murdered by four knights in... ...

The Martyrdom of Thomas Becket, In A Psalter
... The Martyrdom of Thomas Becket, In A Psalter. ... Several details of this
image follow eye-witness accounts of Becket's death. ... 

The Burial of Thomas Becket, In A Psalter
... Thomas Becket, In A Psalter. The Burial of Thomas Becket, In A Psalter.
Medium: Ink, pigments and gold on vellum. Date: 1225. ... 

Martyrdom of Thomas a Becket, in Chronicle of Melrose Abbey
... Abbey. Martyrdom of Thomas a Becket, in Chronicle of Melrose Abbey.
Medium: Ink and pigments on vellum. Date: 1270. ... 

Antiphonal; Illuminated letter showing pilgrims & clergy at ...
... Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170 – a "holy, blisful martyr", Chaucer
writes in his Prologue to the 'Canterbury Tales'. ... 

Frontispiece To Psalms, In The Bible Of William Of Devon
... Facing the start of the book of Psalms are five scenes in compartments: the
Crucifixion; the martyrdom of Thomas Becket; the identifications of the ... 

14. Becket

Trinity College Cambridge MS B.5.5 f130v
15. Nottingham Alabasters

These are to be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London.
Made in second half  of 15th century.

a) Becket being consecrated as Archbishop of Canterbury
b) Becket meeting the Pope at Sens
c) Becket returning from exile in France

This one is to be found in the British Museum, Blooomsbury, London.

d) Becket's martyrdom  archived =

Nottingham Alabaster  

16.  Sens Cathedral Bay 23 Stained Glass Windows

Bay 23 - St Thomas Becket      archived

17. British Library Royal MS 20 f7v

18. Pilgrim Badges

Pilgrim badge of St. Thomas Becket: 14th century

19, Carrow Psalter Martyrdom of Becket

20. Chartres Cathedral


21. Metropolitan Museum New York

Martyrdom of Thomas à Becket (1400) Ivory

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