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The Legend of Becket's Mother as the Daughter of a Saracen Emir

Baptism of Becket's Mother
Marriage of Gilbert Becket and Becket's Mother
Birth of Thomas Becket

Emir is the Islamic equivalent of a Prince or Grand Duke.
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Giles reprinted in his second volume the legend of Thomas Becket's ‘Saracen’ mother. This legend occurs, in almost exactly the same words, in some late manuscripts of the life by Grim (from one of which it is printed in Robertson's Materials, vol. ii.), in the chronicle known as John Bromton's (Twysden's Decem Scriptores, cols. 1052–5), and in British Library Harleian MS. 978, of which Mr. C. L. Kingsford has given a full account in the introduction to his edition of the Song of Lewes (Clarendon Press Ser. 1890).'


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 Sir Lewis Morris's Gilbert Beckett and the Fair Saracen

Gilbert Beckett And The Fair Saracen Poem by Sir Lewis Morris - Poem Hunter

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