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Alan of Tewkesbury

Alan, Abbot of Tewkesbury became a monk at Canterbury, rising to prior in 1179. In the struggle between Thomas of Canterbury and Henry II, he was a strong supporter of Thomas. As a result, he went to Tewkesbury as abbot where he was out of Henry's way.

His "Life of Becket" is to be found in the second volume of Materials for the History of Thomas Becket, edited by the Rev. J. C. Robertson (Rolls Series, London,; 1875–85; Part I, CXC, 1475–88). He also collected and arranged a number of Thomas' letters.

His Life of Becket was primarily intended by him as a introduction to the collection of the Becket letters which he assembledand edited.  Alan of Tewkesbury's collection of the Becket correspondence an enlargement upon John of Salisbury's collection was originally designed to be prefaced by the following works: Alan's prologue, followed by John of Salisbury's Life of Becket, followed by Alan's more explanatory Life of Becket. It was also used in the Quadrilogus versions II and I.

In 1179 Alan became prior of Christ Church Canterbury, and in 1186, after a dispute with Archbishop Baldwin, he became abbot of St Mary's, Tewkesbury.

There is a theory that Alan of Tewkesbury and the scholastic philosopher Alan of Lille are one and the same person.


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