Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Coronation Oath

Henry II's Coronation Oath
taken from
 Sir Henry Spelman; David Wilkins; Willian Nicolson (1721). Leges anglo-saxonicae ecclesiasticae & civiles: Accedunt leges Edvardi latinae, Guilielmi Conquestoris gallo-normannicae, et Henrici I. latinae. Subjungitur domini Henr. Spelmanni Codex legum veterum statutorum regni angliae, quae ab ingressu Guilielm I. usque ad annum nonum Henr. III edita sunt. Toti operi praemittitur Dissertation epistolaris admodum reverendi domini Guilielmi Nicolsoni episcopi derrensis de jure feudali veterum saxonum. typis G. Bowyer, impensis R. Gosling p. 318
part of which itself is taken from a letter
Becket to Henry II  Hovenden p. 497


R. Foreville
"Le sacré des rois anglo-normands et angevins et le serment du sacré (XIe - XIIe Siècles)"
R. Allen Brown; Marjorie Chibnall (1979). Proceedings of the Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies: 1978. Boydell Press. pp. 49–. ISBN 978-0-85115-107-6.

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Leopold George Wickham Legg (1901). English Coronation Records. A. Constable & Company.

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