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Becket's Itinerary from end of the Council of Westminster to the end of his trial at the Council of Northampton

Becket's known and documented itinerary from end of the Council of Westminster to the end of his trial at the Council of Northampton at Northampton Castle for  lèse-majesté [treason] and peculation [embezzlement] at Northampton Castle.

Nov/Dec 1163Hilary, bishop of Chichester has a discourse with Becket at Teynham Manor.MTB iv 30
Nov/Dec 1163Meeting  with Abbé de l'Aumone, Robert de Melun and the Count of Vendôme at Harrow ManorMTB iv 31
Nov/Dec 1163Meeting with king at Woodstock at king's hunting lodge [or at Oxford Castle]MTB iv 32
22nd Dec 1163Consecration of Robert de Melun as bishop of Hereford at CanterburyGervas. i 176
13th-28th January 1164Council of Clarendon held at Clarendon Palace to enact the Constitutions of ClarendonMTB v 71-79
End January 1164Becket travels to Winchester immediately after Council of ClarendonGervas i 181
March 1164Becket has meeting with king at Woodstock, king's hunting lodge. It came to nothing.Eyton 70 footnote 3
19th April 1164Dedication of the church at Reading AbbeyEyton 71
23rd August 1164Roger consecrated bishop of Worcester at Canterbury by BecketAnn. Mon. i 49
Summer 1164Becket goes univited to Woodstock, king's hunting lodge, but is turned away.MTB iii 49
Eyton 73
Summer 1164 Becket goes to Romney preparing to cross over Channel [secretly] to see Pope Alexander IIIMTB iii 49
Eyton 73
Summer 1164 Becket at Aldington Manor awaiting ship to cross the Channel.MTB ii 325
Summer 1164The ship turned back twice, once due to poor weather, and another because he was recognised. Becket returns to Canterbury.Gervase i 182
Summer 1164Becket goes to visit king at Woodstock, who upbraids him mildly about his attempt to leave the country without his permission.
14th September 1164Date set by summons for Becket to attend Curia Regis in Westminster as defendant in case brought by John Marshal. He fails to attend.Eyton 73
6th-13th October 1164
Council of Northampton in Great Hall of Northampton Castle. The Trial of BecketMTB iii 50-6


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