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Becket's Itinerary from his Consecration as Archbishop to the Council of Westminster

Documented known locations of Becket from his election and consecration as archbishop to the Council of Westminster, October 1163

23rd May 1162Becket election confirmed by a royal council of bishops at WestminsterDiceto i 306-7
2nd-3rd June 1162Ordained a priest on 2 June 1162. Consecrated as Archbishop 3rd June. CanterburyGervase i 170-1
10th August 1162Thomas Becket receives the envoy of Pope Alexander III who is bringing his pallium from Rome. Canterbury

Gervase i 172
25th December 1162Celebrates mass at St. Paul's LondonGervase i 172
25th January  1163At Southampton to greet king Henry II returning from France.Diceto i 308
February 1163Becket signatory to a charter issued at Oxford by the king.Eyton 58-9
8th March 1163Witness to a concord between the bishop of Lincoln and the abbot of St. Albans at Westminster.Lincoln Reg. Ann. i 65
17th March 1163Palm Sunday, King Henry II comes to Canterbury. [Next day] Becket and the king travel to Dover to meet the Count of Flanders.Gervase i 173
19th March 1163Present with king Henry II at meeting with  Count Thierry of Flanders, Dover.Foedera I.i. 23
March-April 1163WindsorFoliot Letters 185-6
6th April 1163WindsorFoliot Letters no. 34
May 1163At Romney to cross over to Flanders, en route to Tours.MTB iii 253
May 1163At Gravelines, Flanders en route to ToursMTB iii 253
May 16th-21st 1163Attends Council of Tours summoned by Pope Alexander III.MTB iii 254
1st July 1163Rows with king Henry II at Council of WoodstockEyton 63
1st October 1163Further rows with king Henry II at Council of WestminsterMTB iv 201
13th  October 1163At Westminster for the Translation of the Bones of St.King Edward the Confessor to his new tomb.Barlow Edward the Confessor (1970) 325


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