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St Mary's Priory, Merton Surrey

A house of Augustinian Canons, was founded at Merton in 1114, by Gilbert, sheriff of Surrey on land granted to him by king Henry I.

The church of the priory was built right on top of the Roman road called Stane Street [which connected London with Chichester, and almost right next to a crossing over the river Wandle.

The priory was to be come a school. both Thomas Becket [born ca 1117] and Nicholas Brakespear [later Pope Adrian IV] were educated here during the 1120s.

The terms of the statute of Mertonwere agreed here between Henry III and the barons of England in 1235.

The monastery was dissolved under Henry VIII. The stones of the abbey were used in the construction of nearby Nonesuch Palace.


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Merton Historical Society- Topics - The Records of Merton Priory

The records of Merton priory in the county of Surrey by Major Alfred Heales

Merton Historical Society- Topics - MERTON PRIORY

Merton Priory and model

Remains of the Chapter House found here
Merantun Way - Google Maps
Found under Meratum Way [A24]

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Merton in Domesday Book

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Rule of St. Augustine

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Application World Heritage status

Augustinian Canons

When, in and after the 11th century, the various congregations of Canons Regular were formed, and adopted the Rule of St. Augustine, they were usually called Canonici Regulares Ordinis S. Augustini Congregationis, and in England "Austin Canons" or "Black Canons",

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