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Herbert of Bosham: State Trial of Becket at Northampton (Oct 1164)

Latin Text

Materials for the history of Thomas Becket,  Volume III  p. 296-.

Herbert of Bosham; ed. Giles (1846). Herberti de Boseham S. Thomæ Cantuariensis clerici a secretis opera quæ extant omnia: Liber melorum, epistolæ, &c. apud J.H. Parker. pp. 134–.

Constitutions of Clarendon: State Trial of Thomas Becket Part 2.3

English Translation

Fisher, M. Ann Kathleen, "An Annotated Translation of the Life of St. Thomas Becket By Herbert Bosham (Part Two)" (1947).    p.93-

Herbert of Bosham
Book 3

Chapter 32. The Summons of the Archbishop to Northampton p.93-

Chapter 33. The Work of the First Day on Which He Came to the Council  p. 94-

Chapter 34 The Work of the Second Day p.96-

Chapter 35 The Work of the Third Day p.98-

Chapter 36 The Work of the Last Day p.101-

Chapter 37 The Archbishop's Address to the Bishops p. 103-119


Selden Society (1991). R. C. van Caenegem, ed. English lawsuits from William I to Richard I.
Volume 2 The Society p. 446-

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