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State Trial of Thomas Becket Part 1

State Trial of Thomas Becket Part 1 - Case of John Marshal
November 1164, Council of Northampton

English Lawsuits 420. [pp. 425-]
[R. C. van Caenegem, ed. (1991). English Lawsuits from William I to Richard I: Henry II and Richard I (nos. 347-665). Vol 2. #420. pp 425-. Selden Society.]

420A Herbert of Bosham
Materials iii, 250-252

420B William Fitzstephen
Materials iii, 49-51

420C Anonymous I
Materials iv, 40-41, 43

420D Roger of Hoveden
Chronica i, 224-225

420E Edward Grim
Materials ii 390-392

420F William of Canterbury
Materials i, 30-31

420 G Ralph de Diceto
Ymagines Historiarum i, 313

420H Guernes de Pont-Sainte Maxence
vv 1383-1460
pp 48- H.E. Walberg

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