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Constitutions of Clarendon: Primary Sources in Latin

British Library Manuscripts 
Cotton MS Claudius B. 2. f.26 
[Cotton Ms B.II.f.26] 

Thomas Duffus Hardy . Descriptive Catalogue of Materials Relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the End of the Reign of Henry VII. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-108-04275-8
Vol II [1066 to 1200]: Item 393 p.290

Print Editions 

Robertson, James Craigie, Materials for the History of Thomas Becket: Archbishop of Canterbury (7 vols., 1875-85), Vol. 5. pp 71-79. 
Materials for the history of Thomas Becket, Vol 5 p.71-

British Library 
Shelfmark(s): Open Access  Manuscripts Reading Room MSS 941 (RS 67) 
Open Access  Humanities 1 Reading Room HLR 941 (RS 67) 
General Reference Collection BS.33/21.(67.) 
Document Supply W57/8561 vol. 1 

William Stubbs, ed. Select Charters and other Illustrations of English Constitutional History, 9th edn., rev. by H.W.C. Davis (Oxford 1921), pp 163-67. 
British Library Shelfmarks 
Document Supply W9/4866 
Document Supply W9/4867 
Document Supply W9/4868 
Internet Copies 

Materials for the Life of Thomas Becket Vol 1 18-33 

Chretien Lupus; Alejandro III (Papa); Luis VII (Rey de Francia.); Enrique II (Rey de Inglaterra.), Tommaso Antonio Filippini (1728). Epistolae et vita D. Thomae martyris et Archi-episcopi Cantuariensis: nec non epistolae Alexandri III Pontificis, Galliae regis Ludovici Septimi, Angliae regis Henrici II ... : in lucem productae ex manuscripto Vaticano. prostant apud Jo. Baptistam Albritium q. Hieron. et Sebastianum Coleti. pp. 58–. 

David Wilkins (1721). Leges anglo-saxonicae ecclesiasticae et civiles. Accedunt Leges Edvardi Latinae, Guilielmi Conquestoris gallo-normannicae et Henrici I. Latinae. Subjungitur... Henr. Spelmanni Codex legum veterum statutorum regni Angliae, quae ab ingressu Guilielmi I. usq. typis G. Bowyer, impensis R. Gosling. pp. 322–.

Lyttelton, G.L., The history [of the] life of King Henry the Second, and of the age in which he lived: To which is prefixed, A history of the revolutions of England, from the death of Edward the Confessor to the birth of Henry the Second, (3rd Edn.) Vol. 4. pp 414-419. (London 1769) 
 Baron George Lyttelton Lyttelton (1769). The history of the life of King Henry the Second, and of the age in which he lived: in five books ; to which is prefixed a history of the revolutions of England from the death of Edward the Confessor to the birth of Henry the Second. Printed for J. Dodsley. pp. 414-
British Library Shelfmark(s): 
General Reference Collection 195.e.6-9. 
General Reference Collection G.12962-65. 

Roger (of Wendover) (edited Henry O. Coxe), 
Chronica, sive Flores historiarum, Volume 2 
Publications, English Historical Society 
Chronica, sive Flores historiarum, Roger (of Wendover), pp 298-302. (London, Sumptibus Societatis, 1841) 
British Library Shelfmark: 
General Reference Collection 1570/3315. 

David Wilkins, Henry Spelman, William Nicolson 
Leges Anglo-Saxonicae Ecclesiasticae & Civiles, pp 269-72 
(Typis Guil. Bowyer, impensis Rob. Gosling, 1721) 

Roger (of Wendover) (1841). Rogeri de Wendover Chronica, sive Flores historiarum,. Sumptibus Societatis. pp. 298–


British Library Add MS 20702 
"HEREBERTI de Boseham Liber Melorum una cum Homilia de Beato Thoma Cantuariensi, Archiepiscopo et Martyre." The homily is followed by the Constitutions of Clarendon. A transcript, made in 1845 by P. Madelin, from a MS. of the XIIIth cent. at Arras; with insertions in the handwriting of the Rev. John Allen Giles, copied from MS. No. CXLVI. at Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford. Paper. Small Quarto. 
British Library Shelfmark(s): Open Access  Humanities 1 Reading Room HLR 270 
(Cf  Madelin, P-, Unspecified, Premier Commis. des Archives du Pas de Calais ) 

British Library Add MS 34807 
THEOLOGICAL TRACTS, together with copies of some documents relating to English church-history 
20. Constitutions of Clarendon; dated the 4th day before the Purification of the Virgin, [2 Feb.] 1164. f. 96 b. After the first clause are the words: "Hoc dampnauit sanctus thomas et non solum ipse sed sancta romana ecelesia sub Alexandro tertio"; and after each succeeding clause either "tollerauit" or "dampnauit," as in Mat. for Hist. of T. Becket, vol. v. p. 73. 

British Library Stowe MS 52 
"VITA beati Thomæ arehiepiscopi et martiris": the Quadrilogus, or compilation by E[lias?] of Evesham, from the four Lives by John of Salisbury, Herbert of Boseham, William of Canterbury, and Alan, Abbot of Tewkesbury. 

The following documents are appended to the Life (as in Harl. MS. 2, Lupus' printed edition,  etc  .) 

f. 64b; — (b) "Causa exilii et martirii beati Thomæ martiris,"  viz  . the Constitutions of Clarendon. 

British Library Add MS 48005 : 16th century 
Title:  MISCELLANEOUS HISTORICAL MATERIALS; 12th-16th centt. Latin and English. 
7. ff. 111b, 112-113. Names of magnates associated with the Constitutions of Clarendon, 1164, Magna Carta, 1215, and Magna Carta, 1225. 

British Library Royal MS 13 C VI 
MARTINUS POLONUS, Chronicon summorum Pontificum atque Imperatorum Romanorum; cf. 13 B. IX, art. 2. 
5. 'Vita sancti Thome de plurium narracione collecta' se. the 'Second Quadrilogus' (see J. C. Robertson,  Materials for the History of T. Becket , Rolls Series, iv, p. xix; text printed ib., pp. 266-424). Prologue beg. 'Post summi fauoris dote uestitos'; text, 'Thomas Londoniensis urbis indigena'. Followed by (a) 'Cathalogus eruditorum beati Thome martyris' (ib. iii, p. 523). Beg. 'Quoniam in historia hac'; omits the end (from 23) as there printed, and substitutes a short paragraph, ending 'ecclesie tales secum et tantos patronos conquisivit'. f. 127;-(b) Constitutions of Clarendon, entitled 'Causa exilii et martyrii beati Thome martyris' (ib. i, p. 18). Beg. 'Huic etiam libello nostro inserere studuimus'. 

Archive: Bodleian Library, Oxford, England 
Shelfmark: MS Rawlinson C. 641 
 Emmanuel Wahlberg, ed., La Vie de saint Thomas le Martyr par Guernes de Pont-Sainte-Maxence. Poème historique du XIIe siècle (1172–1174) (Lund, 1922), pp. 81–86. 

Carolus du Fresne Du Cange (Sieur) (1681). Glossarium ad Scriptores mediae & infimae latinitatis: cum dissertatione de imperatorum Constantinopolitanorum, seu de inferioris"vadium ad remanens"   impensis Johannis Davidis Zunneri. pp. 549–.

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