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Richard de Lucy

Richard de Lucy was the Lord Chief Justice [Chief Justiciar] of England, and Protector during the absence of the King in Normandy and France. He was Chief Justiciar from 1153 to 1179, and from 1168 sole holder of this post.

The post of Chief Justiciar would be roughly equivalent to that of a modern Prime Minister, as the monarch's chief minister.

He was one of the compilers, quite possibly the principal compiler, of the Constitutions of Clarendon .He was recognised as being a considerable authority in the law at the time.

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London Borough of Bexley - Lesnes Abbey ruins.

Lesnes Abbey, founded by Richard de Lucy - published by Norman Lucey

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Excavated at Lesnes Abbey some say this is the effigy of Richard de Lucy himself
Knight of the de Lucy family (Effigy) | V&A

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Lesnes Abbey - an album on Flickr

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