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Wardenship of the Tower of London

It seems that Becket was appointed Keeper of the Works for the Tower of London (custos operum turris).

Richard de Luci (Chief Justiciar) was Constable of the Tower at the time

1155 Thomas Becket, keeper of the works at the Tower, carries out repairs.
Douglas Knoop; Gwilym Peredur Jones (1933). The Mediaeval Mason: An Economic History of English Stone Building in the Later Middle Ages and Early Modern Times. Manchester University Press. p. 4
already, in the twelfth century, there is an anticipation of the nineteenth, in William Fitzstephen's description of Thomas A Becket's repairing of the Tower of London :- With wonderful speed accomplishing so great a work between . . . Easter and Whitsuntide, with so many smiths, carpenters and other workmen, working so vehemently with bustle and noise that a man could hardly hear the one next to him speak.'

Materials for the History of Thomas Becket (Rolls Series), III., 19-20.

James Craigie Robertson. Materials for the History of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury (Canonized by Pope Alexander III, AD 1173). Volume 3. Rolls Series Cambridge University Press. pp.19-20 . ISBN 978-1-108-04927-6.

Cancellarius Thomas regni sedem, palatium Londoniae, prius fere ruinam, reparari facit; mira celeritate tantum opus perficiens intra quoddam pascha et pentecosten, tot fabris lignariis, et aliis operariis tantae instantise motu et sonitu operantibus, ut vix alter alterum proxime admotum posset audire loquentem.

Translation, extract from
Gourde, Leo T. (1943), "An Annotated Translation of the Life of St. Thomas Becket by William Fitzstephen". p 27

Thomas repaired the Tower of London, the seat of the
Kingdom, which had become dilapidated. This big task proceeded
with such speed, that the work was completed between
Easter and Pentecost. There were so many carpenters and
other artisans employed that they had the hardest time to
speak to one another and understand one another amidst the
din and noise.


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