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Pipe Rolls and Other Records of the Exchequer

Some records of the Exchequer at the UK National Archives
Records of the Exchequer of Receipt and successors.

Hubert Hall (15 November 2012). The Red Book of the Exchequer. Volume 1. Cambridge University Press. pp. 1–. ISBN 978-1-108-05324-2
Hubert Hall (15 November 2012). The Red Book of the Exchequer. Volume 2. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-108-05325-9.
Hubert Hall (15 November 2012). The Red Book of the Exchequer. Volume 3. Cambridge University Press. pp. 1–. ISBN 978-1-108-05326-6.

Percy H. Winfield (2000). "Public Records: Exchequer Records"The Chief Sources of English Legal History. Beard Books. pp. 109–21. ISBN 978-1-58798-079-4.

Liber Niger Scaccarii

England. Exchequer (1774). Liber Niger Scaccarii: Nec Non Wilhelmi Worcestrii Annales Rerum Anglicarum. Volume I. B. White. pp. 7–.

The Red Book of the Exchequer. Volume III.

Three catalogues: describing the contents of the Red Book of the Exchequer, of the Dodsworth manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, and of the manuscripts in the library of the honourable society of Lincoln's Inn.

J.H. Round. (1898) Studies on The Red book of the Exchequer

Hubert Hall (1898). The Red Book of the Exchequer : a reply to Mr. J. H. Round.

Deputy Keeper of the Records (1920) Liber feodorum. The book of fees, commonly called Testa de Nevill, reformed from the earliest MSS.

The Black Book of the Exchequer [Remarks on the Liber Niger]


Judith A. Green (21 September 1989). "Chapter 3: Bishop Roger and the Exchequer"The Government of England Under Henry I. Cambridge University Press. pp. 38–. ISBN 978-0-521-37586-3.

The meaning of waste in the early pipe rolls of Henry II
Emilie M. Amt
The Economic History Review
Volume 44Issue 2, pp. 240–248, May 1991

The word farm comes from Middle English ferme ("farm, rent, revenue; revenue collected from a farmer) from Old English feorm, farm ("provision, stores of food, supplies, possessions; provisions supplied to the king or a lord by a tenant or vassal.

G. J. Turner The Sheriff's Farm
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
New Series, Vol. 12, (1898), pp. 117-149

Philip Norman, (1902) 'Exchequer Annuity Tallies'.

The 1259 Pipe Roll
by Richard Cassidy (2012)
Doctoral Thesis King’s College London

 Kent Archaeology - Extracts of Pipe Rolls for Kent

Jacques Boussard (1956). Le gouvernement d'Henri II Plantegenêt. Librairie d'Argences
Deuxième Partie

Chapitre IV pp. 256-84
Le Pouvoir et les Cadres Administratifs en Angleterre
p. 256 Le Sheriff
p. 262 L'Administration Financière
p. 273 La Justice

Chapitre VI pp. 339-
Le Pouvoir Central: La Cour et Le Prince
p. 339 Les Grand Officiers dans la Royaume d'Angleterre
p. 352 Les Grands Officiers dans les États Continentaux
p. 371 Le Prince
p. 380 Le Roi d'Angleterre
p. 392 La Tâche d'Henri II

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