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Writ of Henry II addressed to the sheriffs of England (December 1164)

The king's writ to the sheriffs  December 1164.

(Materials for the History of Thomas Becket, Volume 5  p.152)

Saint Thomas (à Becket) (1845). Opera. Parker. pp. 279–.

David Charles Douglas (1961). "EHD 134: Writ of Henry II addressed to the sheriffs of England (December 1164). English Historical Documents: 1042-1189, edited by D. C. Douglas and G. W. Greenaway. Oxford University Press.

Has literas misit Henricus rex Anglice singulis vicecomitibus Angliae, in principio persecutionis sancti Thomae.

'Praecipio tibi, quod si aliquis clericus vel laicus in bailia tua Romanam curiam appellaverit, eum capias, et firmiter custodias, donec voluntatem meam percipias; et omnes reditus et possessiones clericorum archiepiscopi saisias in manum meam, sicut Randulphus de Broc, et alii ministri mei tibi dixerint: et omnium clericorum, qui cum archiepiscopo sunt, patres et matres, fratres et sorores, nepotes et neptes ponas per salvos plegios, et catalla eorum, donec voluntatem meam inde percipias, et hoc breve tecum afferas, quum summonitus fueris.'

This Writ was sent by Henry king of England to all the Sheriffs of England, Sheriff of Kent, in principle persecuting saint Thomas.

'I charge thee, that if some cleric or layman, has appealed to the Court of Rome, in thy district, thou art to arrest him, and to lock him up securely in prison, until my pleasure is known: and that all of the revenues and properties of the archbishop's clerics are to be seized into my possession, as directed Ralph de Broc, and my other ministers, and that of all the clerics, who are with the archbishop, their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces, and thou shalt demand from them pledges in security and their chattels, until I command that my will in this matter is made known. And thou shalt bring this writ with thee, if thou hast been summoned.

Letter Henry II to the Bishops of England

Gilbert Foliot (1845). Epistolæ. J. H. Parker. pp. 278–.


Has literas misit Henricus rex Angliae singulisepiscopis Angliœ.

Nosti quam male Thomas Cantuariensis archiepiscopus operatus est adversum me et regnum meum, et quam male recesserit: et ideo tibi mando, quod clerici sui, qui circa ipsum fuerunt post fugam suam, et alii clerici, qui detraxerunt honori meo et honori regni, non percipiant aliquid de reditibus illis, quos habuerunt in episcopatu tuo, nisi per me, nec habeant aliquod auxilium vel consilium a te.
Teste Ricardo de Luci, apud Merleberg.

This letter was sent by Henry II king of England to each of the bishops of England.

You know how badly Thomas archbishop of Canterbury has laboured against me and my kingdom, and how shamefully he has escaped: and therefore to you I command this, because his clerks, who have been around him since his escape, and the other clergymen, who have dragged down my dignity and the honour of the kingdom,  not to allow them to receive any source of income belonging to them, which they hold in your bishopric, unless through me, and nor may they receive any help or advice from you.
Witnessed by Richard de Luci, at Marlborough.

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