Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Deanery of St. Mary's in Hastings Castle

Rev. A.H. Hore
History of the Church of England for schools and families.

James Craigie Robertson (1859). Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. p. 30.

Gourde, Leo T. (1943),
An Annotated Translation of the Life of St. Thomas Becket by William Fitzstephen, p. 27

The Chancellor enjoyed the highest favor among the clergy,
army and people. He could hold all the vacant parish Churches
of villages and castles. No one could dare to refuse to come,
when Thomas called anyone to his presence. Yet his magnanimous
soul so conquered ambition that he returned to poor priests
and clerics the Churches which had become vacant. But his
generosity was rewarded with the Provostship of the Church
of Beverley, the deanery of Hastings from the count of Eu,
the wardenship of the Tower of London with the military service
attached to it; the castlery of Eye vrith its honors of seven
times twenty soldiers, and the Castle of Berkhampstead. He
often indulged, perfunctorily of course and only lightly,
in the sport of hawking and hunting with dogs; and in the
game of draughts.

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